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Great things are happening... and some other stuff..

Worship last night was really awesome.  If you look at some of the posts from last night you can get a glimpse of what was going on last night.  Ryan and the band did an amazing job of CONNECTing with the students and leading them to worship God.  We talked about being CONNECTed to each other through the church and the benefits, and also the consequences of not being CONNECTed.  

A big theme to the start of this year has been getting students talking with each other about God.  This is the focus of our small groups, but it is what happens beyond our walls that really counts.  I’ve been encouraged several times this week by our students committed to engaging each other and others with the Gospel.  One of our triplemsm girls updated her status about being excited to share Christ with someone that day.  Students are following through with their commitments, from sharing Christ to getting baptized, it has been an awesome start to the year, with even cooler stuff to come!

Please pray for Kristi and I, well mainly Kristi.  She will be having surgery tomorrow to have her gall bladder removed.  Thank you in advance for praying for her.  Side note: She brought home a pamphlet about the surgery and all the pictures had the gall bladder colored green.  Then, I watched a video of the surgery on YouTube... the gall bladder really is a shade of green.  Weird!

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Jesus paid it all!

Ready now!

triplemsm worship!

Triplemsm worship!


Wouldn’t be nice to have some of the qualities of a computer:

    - System Reboot --  I would really like this one for Kristi (my wife).  She has dealt with a lot, as I’m sure many women have.  I wish that when she gets sick I wish I could just shut her down for a little while and restart and be back to normal.  I know there are drawbacks to this analogy too, but I hate to see Kristi in pain and have nothing to do about it.

    - Time machine --  Maybe we could go back and act like all that didn’t happen, but we can’t “That just happened!”  

    - An HD screen — Clarity of vision would be great!  See what’s ahead, examine what behind...

What would be a computer quality you would want?

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We love our Pastor! 10 years! Congratulations Dr. Powell!

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